Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday 12/30

It was good to get back in the swing of things today with "Chipper". First time doing the burpee tire jumps, they were harder than I thought they would be. Today is the first day of transition into the Paleo way of eating. This week I'm just doing a strict Paleo breakfast, but still trying to eat healthy the rest of the day as well. Shout out to the 6 AM crew!
Go Gators!

"Chipper" 39:39

400 m run
500 m row
30 box jumps
30 pullups
30 thrusters
500 m row
30 walking lunges
30 burpee tire jumps
30 sdlhp
400 m run

8 - Smoothie - strawberries and mixed berries
9 - Coffee
10 - Apple & carrots
12 - Tomato soup & chicken breast
4 - Almonds
7 - Wild salmon & green beans
8 - Mixed berries

Monday, December 29, 2008

My new blog

Hey everyone!

I have decided to start blogging my workouts and food journal to try to keep more consistent and accountable. This next year I'm wanting to take it to the next level with nutrition by going paleo with the diet and phasing it in over the next month. This first week I'm going paleo with breakfast, the second week I'm adding dinner, the third week I'm adding lunch, and the fourth week I'm adding snacks. The goal is to be completely paleo by February. I'm hoping to see some great results by tightening up things on the nutrition end.